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Atlantic Conference for Administrative Professionals – Agenda


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Scott Bosse
Eye Clinic Admin Supervisor/CVS Program Administrator,  IWK Health Centre
Cast Member, Big Brother Canada Season 2
Regular Segment Contributor, CTV & Global Morning Shows
Contributor, The Coast & The Metro
Event Producer for many organizations and charities
Emcee, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator on Building Your Vision for Success

Enjoy some light exercise to get your morning energy up.


Michelle Ryder
Goodlife Fitness

Most executives in leadership believe that having it all is about managing the time they have for the things that matter. Yet time is finite, so how do we identify the things that matter as we build our careers and our personal lives. All of us make choices every day about how to invest this treasured commodity – the commodity of time. Will we look back at our choices and say “I invested wisely”?

With over 35 years of business and community leadership, Cathy Bennett will discuss how she has worked to achieve work-life balance for the priorities in her busy life while building her career and community work. She will share her successes and failures in juggling it all, as well as the lessons she learned along the way.

And Cathy will share how those around us can help recognize our successes and shortcomings while helping us better manage this scarce resource of time.


Cathy Bennett
Member of the House of Assembly, Former Minister of Finance,
Status of Women, Human Resource Secretariat and President of Treasury Board
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Turning Off Your Autopilot… BEcoming Conscious, Mindful, and Present

Have your ever zoned out while driving your car, lost in your own thoughts, when suddenly you realize that you’ve arrived at your destination with absolutely no memory of the miles just driven? Your ability to drive has been so deeply embedded in your consciousness that you shifted into “UNconscious competence,” allowing you to drive to your destination without any conscious thought.

Life can be like that. We can look around one day and ask… how did I get here? What kind of person have I become? You find yourself doing the things you’ve always done and getting the same-old same-old results. You find that, despite your best intentions, things aren’t working quite the way you thought they would. Your life is on autopilot, and you have no idea how to turn things around.

Perspectives are those beliefs which form the operating system of our lives. The conscious mind knows what it wants. It knows how to set goals and can have wonderful intentions. As you may have discovered, goals and intentions are not always enough.

This presentation brings together cutting-edge science and (so-called) spiritual practices to help admin professionals take charge of their perspectives and change their experience at work and in life.


Sheila Kelly
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, True PurposeTM Coach
Director, The Big Yes Centre for Enlightened Leadership

Network with your colleagues, enjoy beverages and snacks before Breakout Sessions begin.

First Round of Breakout Sessions

“In the movie Office Space — a comedy about work life in a typical 1990s software company — the protagonist, Peter Gibbons, has eight different bosses. All of them, seemingly unaware of each other, pass by his desk and tell him what to do. While the film is most certainly a satire, for some, it is not far from the truth. More and more people report to more than one boss and learning to handle multiple managers is an essential skill in today’s complex organizations.” (Harvard Business Review Managing Multiple Bosses, Amy Gallo, August 18, 2011)

Handling multiple bosses is a skill that some administrative professionals have to learn and adapt to. It is a complicated task and “If you’re not careful, you can end up letting all of your bosses down.”

In this session, Melanie (Mel) Champagne, who works for multiple bosses, will be sharing her tips on how to manage your workload and overall make your job easier and in turn your bosses job easier.

Mel will speak to the following:

  • How to recognize the challenges (being overworked, conflicting messages, loyalty)
  • Setting up boundaries.
  • Knowing who your primary boss is.
  • Managing multiple schedules
  • And much more…

Melanie Champagne
Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer
IWK Health Centre

How are you keeping up with the technological advancements that impact your job and career? Do you find that you’re barely able to keep pace with the latest developments? This session reviews what’s new and way cool in technology in this fun, fast-paced look at what’s here for us to use now and what’s coming in the near future.

After participating in this session, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify the most critical tech tools of today
  • Understand how to manage the flow of information and keep up with current technology advances
  • Recognize new technologies that are changing how business is done

Jim Spellos
Meeting U

Continuing with the practice of mindfulness from the morning keynote, Sheila Kelly will take you on a tour of simple practices and tools that you can quickly and easily use to maintain your sanity despite the chaos of the workplace. No matter how insane the situation or difficult the people, you have an innate capacity to maintain grace and compassion while, at the same time, enhancing your effectiveness, honouring your true essence, and growing in confidence.

These are the same strategies Sheila used to stay grounded while working as a manager on the front lines of one of the toughest union environments in Canada.


Sheila Kelly
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, True PurposeTM Coach
Director, The Big Yes Centre for Enlightened Leadership

Take a 10 minute breather and head to your second Breakout Session.

Second Round of Breakout Sessions

Whether we call it project management or not, administrative professionals will often work on one or multiple projects, independently or as part of teams, sometimes for multiple bosses at once. There are many “project management” courses which can take anywhere from a full day to a full week to complete, and if you want to obtain the coveted PMP® designation, it can take a full year or more. However, knowing a thing or two about the terminology, the processes, the tools, and techniques recognized in the Project Management industry can make a world of difference in an administrative professional’s work.

Lisa, having completed her Masters Certificate in Project Management with York University’s Schulich School of Business at Saint Mary’s University, is ready to share some of her own tips and tricks that she’s modified for her administrative role.

Delegates will:

  • Identify and extract projects from daily administrative tasks.
  • Learn how to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a project.
  • Understand essential project management vocabulary and terminology
  • Learn how to apply basic project management skills, tools and techniques for anything from committee support to event planning.

Lisa DeWolfe
Administrative Assistant
Quality & System Performance, IWK Health Centre

You thought you had all of the apps you needed? Perhaps, but as more and more mobile apps are developed, there are more tools available for you to use. Whether you’re looking for tools to help manage your social channels, connect and communicate with your team, supercharge your office, or looking for that needle in a haystack that will save you endless time, this session is sure to provide you that information. Attendees are encouraged to bring their tablet and smart phones and share their favourite apps with their peers.

After participating in this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Identify 50 of the most useful business apps available
  • Understand how the Android and Windows mobile solutions compare against the Apple apps
  • Use their mobile devices more effectively for business applications

Jim Spellos
Meeting U

Commas, semi-colons, split infinitives, and typos. Grammatical and proofreading errors call into question your ability and your organization’s credibility. Getting it right builds confidence – for you and your reader. This hands-on session will help you understand contemporary English usage. It will also explore the difference between American and British usage and what is accepted as the gold standard in Canada. Tips and techniques will be covered to enhance your use and understanding of the rules of grammar and punctuation. Proofreading techniques will also be discussed so that you can catch mistakes before your readers do. Participants are encouraged to bring their grammar gripes and proofreading peeves to class.

donalee Moulton

donalee Moulton
Quantum Communications

Third Round of Breakout Sessions

A second chance to see this session, if you’ve missed it last year!

This engaging session will have you thinking about what success in your role means to you. It will help you frame your thinking around success in the workplace by asking three questions:

It will help you frame your thinking around success in the workplace by asking you 3 questions:

  1. Who do we serve?
  2. What service do we provide?
  3. How do we measure the satisfaction?

Scott Bosse
Eye Clinic Admin Supervisor/CVS Program Administrator,  IWK Health Centre
Cast Member, Big Brother Canada Season 2
Regular Segment Contributor, CTV & Global Morning Shows
Contributor, The Coast & The Metro
Event Producer, for Many Organizations including Charity Events
Emcee, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator (Building Your Vision for Success)

Google is the most utilized search engine on the Internet. Millions of people use it daily to find out about almost anything. However, search engines such as Google have dozens of advanced capabilities of which most people aren’t even aware. With billions of information-rich websites (a number that’s growing daily), the task of finding the piece of information you require for your job is becoming even more arduous.

This session is for everyone from Google novices to search engine pros. It will demystify how to use the various search tools to find what you need…and do so in a minimal of time.

After participating in this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Understand the 8 critical techniques of effective web searching
  • Identify 7 Google tools beyond the standard search box
  • Recognize how and why results are returned from your search

Jim Spellos
Meeting U

Work can be a drain on all of us and finding effective and enjoyable ways to nurture your creativity can be difficult. Art supplies can be costly and getting started can be daunting when you have no experience with the medium. But, if you need a simple and satisfying outlet to express your artsy side: Art Journaling may be for you.

Join Terry Stanislow and her fellow facilitators in this introductory course in “Art Journaling To Go”,  a perfect exercise in expressing your inner creativity. Discover how easy it is to art journal anytime, anywhere!

Participants in this fun and inspirational activity will learn how to art journal, creating their first entry together with Terry, and will take it home with them after the conference.


Terry Stanislow
Smiling Horse Studio


Stefanie Stanislow
Smiling Horse Studio


Katherine Stanislow
Smiling Horse Studio

Pulled in all directions, have eight jobs with two hands? Join International Speaker and Diversity Expert Sean Wiltshire on a journey to a better Work Life Balance and a more diverse workforce.

For over 25 years Sean has been working with companies and individuals to build a more diverse workforce around the world. From Kitchener to Kathmandu, from Bangladesh to the Czech Republic. After hundreds of thousands of miles of travel and through different cultures and several languages Sean has learned and will share keys strategies to finding a better balance in your work and personal life, removing your personal barriers that are holding you back, how to support a more diverse workplace and how to find the joys in everyday life and your accomplishments. You work with hundreds of people; you manage personalities and crisis with ease. How about your own life?

With hilarious real life examples and Sean’s infamous storytelling he will entertain and educate conference participants in finding the path to a better more diverse space.


Sean Wiltshire
Chief Executive Officer
Avalon Employment Inc.

End of Conference Reception

Network, enjoy a beverage and celebrate the end of the Administrative Professionals’ Week with your conference colleagues.

Breakout Sessions at a Glance

 Track A
Peer-Led Sessions

Track B
Tools and Technologies

Track C
Mix of Different Topics

10:30 AM – 11:20 AM

Session 1A
Supporting and Managing Multiple Bosses

Session 1B
Hot Technologies for Admin Professionals 2018

Session 1C
Taking Mindfulness to Work

11:30 AM – 12:20 PM

Session 2A
Project Management Tips For Admin Professionals

Session 2B
It’s App-tastic: 50 Apps in 50 Minutes

Session 2C
Grammar and Proofreading

01:30 PM – 02:20 PM

Session 3A
Building Your Vision of Success in 3 Questions

Session 3B
Google-licious: How to Find Anything on the Internet

Session 3C
Art Journaling:  Expressive Art as a Stress-Management Practice

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The 2018 conference is expected to be approved for up to 10.5 education points by IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals), a registered not-for-profit professional association for administrative professionals. IAAP strives to ensure individuals working in office and administrative professions have the opportunity to connect, learn, lead, and excel.

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