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Canadian Summit on Communications in Health Care Settings – Agenda


Take note that both the Digital Media & the Corporate Communication Conferences will be occurring simultaneously.

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A brief overview of the day’s events for conference attendees.

Mike Villeneuve
Canadian Nurses Association

The story of two digital media campaigns: their goals, strategy and how they measured success.

(Moderator) Joanne Yeung
Manager, Social Media and Content
Iovate Health Sciences

Alison Evans
Vice President of Communications, Volunteers and Information Resource
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

During this interactive networking session, delegates will discuss health care hot topics trending at the moment, identifying how they can potentially impact their health care setting. From there, the group will ideate their communication strategy with the goal of sharing knowledge and best practices ensuring clear, concise and transparent communication is evident.

Ellen Gardner
Senior Communications Specialist

Take 20 minutes to relax and network.

We all know fantastic stories exist in every health care organization. It’s our job to find them. Learn how to mine your workforce for compelling visual content and turn those stories into meaningful engagement opportunities.
This practical session will help you build capacity for sourcing stories in an organization of any scale, and equip your team to turn ideas into multimedia content with minimal resourcing.
Join us for a crash course in storytelling strategy and development that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to write!

Calyn Pettit
Manager, Digital Communications
Hamilton Health Sciences Centre

Elise Copps
Public Relations Specialist
Hamilton Health Sciences Centre

Why social listening is important. A listening tool will allow you to monitor the conversation of your brand from outside the brand’s owned channels. Yes, sentiment can be measured! Examples of free tools and demonstrations of paid tools will be featured.

Jean George
Digital and Social Media Strategist Freelancer
Global Executive MBA 2018, Rotman School of Management
Former, Instructor, Digital Strategy & Communications Management
University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies

45 minute lunch break for all conference attendees.

Patient experiences are more public now with social media becoming the platform to quickly share stories. Health care communication professionals work tirelessly to engage their communities online every day. Sometimes changes on how health care is delivered is brought on by these online interactions and other times great opportunities for change are missed.

This moderated panel discussion includes panelists from both sides discussing topics such as:

  • How health care communicators and patients interact on social media
  • How can conversations become action items? Is there an opportunity to make these online interactions an integral part of creating change within a health care organization?

Julie Drury
Chair, Patient and Family Advisory Council
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Zal Press
Executive Director
Patient Commando

Paddy Moore
Strategic Communications Advisor
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)
Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC)

Kathy Kastner
Author: Death Kills… and other things I’ve learned on the internet

Joanne Yeung
Manager, Social Media and Content
Iovate Health Sciences

Digital technology and social media are in a constant state of flux. Traditional media continue to shrink, fake news is on the rise, and communicators must learn to adapt to the paid, earned, shared, and owned landscape. But what new developments are on the horizon and how will they alter marketing and PR?

In this interactive session, Martin Waxman, a 25+ year agency veteran, reports from the digital frontline on five trends, and the challenges and opportunities they bring.

These include:
1. Why semantic and voice search are reshaping discovery
2. The news and information generation gap
3. How mobile-first micro-moments satisfy people’s need to know, go, do or buy
4. When the who is a what: on chatbots and artificial relationships
5. Understanding AI, machine learning, and big data

Martin Waxman
Instructor, Digital Strategy & Communications Management
University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies

A brief overview of the day’s events for conference attendees.

Philip De Souza
Manger, Communications and Marketing

How to better engage and maintain relations with elected government officials at different levels of government during an election year. Upcoming federal or provincial elections mark the beginning of the political season where everything “matters”. This is the time to map-up your organization’s government relations strategy and get a clear picture of where you are and where you think you can go.

Kevin Ménard
Communications Advisor
Public Affairs and Member Engagement
Canadian Nurses Association

What We’ve Learned: Consultation Best Practices & Case Studies in Health

Ipsos Experts will discuss best practices and lessons learned from consultations of all types – internal and external. We’ll explore the role of technology in today’s consultations, how to reach stakeholders, and affect change. We’ll draw from our experience with public sector clients of varying government levels, including the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Jennifer Macey
Vice President
Ipsos Public Affairs

Marc Beaudoin
VP, Public Consultations and Qualitative Research Practice
Ipsos Public Affairs

Take 20 minutes to relax and network.

It’s normal to focus a majority of attention externally to the many various stakeholders we interact with each day, however, we often forget that our biggest allies and most passionate ambassadors are right in front of us – our staff.

Delegates will hear how HIROC’s internal communications strategy has led to back-to-back Top Employer Awards and what you should consider when drafting your internal blueprint.

  • Story-telling on the inside
  • Bringing the team together via an interactive intranet
  • Exploring new and innovative opportunities for staff to find solutions to everyday blocks

Philip De Souza
Manger, Communications and Marketing

Michelle Holden
Communications and Marketing Specialist

In this session the speakers will discuss how the Communication Team and the Patient Relations team can work together to better communicate the outcomes of an investigation (the resolution) to the person filing a complaint.

Carla Rodriguez
Regional Director, Patient Experience
William Osler Health System

The Patient Ombudsman’s Office started taking complaints on July 4, 2016 and they have received almost 2000 complaints in their first year of business.

As they continue in their second, the small team is still learning and evolving their processes, and as they start to gain more in-depth knowledge and insights, and see clear patterns emerging from their resolutions and investigations, they will be able to make broader recommendations based on evidence to improve care for all.

In this session, Gabriella will discuss what she has learned from working in the Patient Ombudsman’s office, a few key details from their first annual report and share some of their plans for 2018.

Gabriella Skubincan
Manager, Communications and Engagement
The Office of the Patient Ombudsman of Ontario

A 1 hour lunch break for all conference attendees.

As a health care provider, your organization’s brand should reflect what is special, unique and different about your organization. It’s about the values you express, your tone and voice and how your team communicates and interacts with its community to create a meaningful and memorable patient care experience.

A key component of a hospital brand launch is to have their foundation and volunteer association design their respective brands in an integrated manner.

In this session you will hear about how Sick Kids Foundation and The Hospital for Sick Children worked together to ensure brand integration.

Lori Davison
Vice President, Brand Strategy & Communications
Sick Kids Foundation

Janice Nicholson
Director of Communications & Digital Media
The Hospital for Sick Children

More details coming soon.

Michael Watts
Chair, Health Industry Group
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Health care organizations face greater challenges to prepare for new kinds of emergencies, natural and human caused disasters, some never seen before. In this session, the speaker will elaborate on how to prepare your communications channels for when disasters struck your community or your organization.

Patrice Cloutier
Manager, Corporate Communications
Hamilton Health Sciences

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