Opportunities – Spark Conferences



Speaking at Spark Conferences
Each conference we organize features innovative and influential speakers. If you know someone who belongs on the stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you! We review every nomination that comes in and contact potential speakers when the best opportunity arises. Email us at info@sparkconferences.com

Partnering with Spark Conferences
Conferences are opportunities to meet with your target market. We always ensure that our conferences offer ample opportunity for our delegates to learn about the latest products and services that can help their organizations succeed. Want to be a part of them? Email us at info@sparkconferences.com

Conference Ideas
We are always  looking for new conference ideas and welcome your suggestions. Some of the suggestions received have been developed into successful conferences.  We review each suggestion, and if it is in line with our business values and goals, we will contact you directly with information on our rewards option.

Discounts on Professional Fees
We are also an organization that wants to be part of all cool things. If you are planning a conference where there is a delegate entrance fee applicable, and your conference is in line with our business vision and goals, we can assume some of the financial risks and rewards, and therefore significantly discount our professional fees. Contact us and let us know your plans.

For more information on all of the above connect with us at 416-844-1615 or email us at info@sparkconferences.com